The not so last post!

So just when you thought it was safe to say that National Green Standard was being put to bed it seems the universe has other ideas. In the space between writing the Last Post and now a few changes have come around and as someone who considers themselves as a bit of change agent who am I to ignore a knock on the door?

Well I hear you say, what has happened to change the previous position. Two people – two wonderful women to be exact! Angela from Resonate Together a friend, supporter and a genuine force of human nature: she gently held my hand (metaphorically speaking, as we are still in social distancing mode) and allowed me to talk about my decision and reasons behind it. She used that lovely nudge theory so carefully that I found myself doubting the voracity of the path I was about to take.

Enter Dorothea: if Angela is a force of nature, then Dorothea creates a whole new dimension to that concept. She too listened, she nudged, she challenged, she emphasised, she questioned why. And best of all she made some practical suggestions that I secretly had hoped someone might do.  All of this done in a loving and caring way that left me emotional, refreshed, determined and well –  fired up for another fight!

So there you have it. In short National Green Standard is back. This wee social enterprise is not giving in just yet. Come on join in, have fun, challenge your organisation to help save the planet – you know you want to.

Written with love and respect for Angela and Dorothea, oh and my husband who has seen me through so many iterations of self we’ve both lost count.