The Standard

National Green Standard accreditation is a great way to demonstrate how your organisation is doing its bit to support the environment, community and local economy. We believe that by working locally we can make a global impact and so we created the Standard and Accreditation process to support organisations that want to make a positive impact.

With three key Principles the criteria for each sets out a journey towards recognition of the good practices that already exists within an organisation. With three levels of accreditation the Standard provides stretch through an action plan based on the assessment process.

Each organisation begins its journey by completing a simple on-line questionnaire and then a site visit will ensure that all of the evidence is gathered to gain a score out of 1000 to determine the accreditation level – Bronze, Green or Gold.

Recognition as an accredited organisation is open to all organisations, associations and registered bodies.

Are you ready for National Green Standard?

The assessment process offers improvements that can be made to your business practices and your bottom line whilst offering a score against the three elements of People, Planet, and Profit.

All entries are evaluated utilising a robust and dynamic framework to ensure that the assessment process is pertinent and objective. The framework utilised for the Accreditation is a structured model of both self and facilitated assessment that enables participating organisations to be benchmarked against world class performance standards.
A short questionnaire starts the process, giving an initial score. The assessor analyses this data to plan the onsite activity. A final score is achieved against the 31 criteria that make up the three pillars of National Green Standard Accreditation

Accreditation is open to private companies, publicly listed companies, multi-national subsidiaries, non-government organisations, educational institutions, franchise systems, partnerships, government departments, government agencies, local government and statutory bodies operating in the UK.

Are you ready for National Green Standard Accreditation?  

If you can answer YES to more than half of the following questions then you’re ready to go forward with Accreditation.  Don’t worry about answering every single one – we are here to work with you to achieve the standard.

  1. LEADERSHIP Has the senior leadership team committed to and implemented Corporate Social Responsibility policy?
  2. ETHICS Is decision making within your organisation based on a clear set of values and practices?
  3. EMPLOYEES Are employees treated fairly and developed to their full potential?
  4. COMMUNITY Does your organisation support its local community through funding, resources or other activities such as volunteering?
  5. GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP Is your organisation committed to sustainability?
  6. CLIMATE DISCLOSURE Does your organisation monitor, capture and publish its environmental impact?
  7. CUSTOMER FOCUS Are products and services designed to support customer’s ambitions for sustainability?

What next?

Download the standard for free here

Now you know you’re ready to achieve accreditation, take a look at the STEPS TO ACCREDITATION.