From Paris to COP 26: A Green Journey

National Green Standard Founder, Mary S McLuskey has been invited to speak at a prequal event in the lead up to COP 26. Mary will be speaking on 7th October  along with two other esteemed guests: Rebecca Kowalski and John Creaton. Each speaker will focus on the financial implications of the environmental debate around climate change and the current climate emergency.

Mary’s contribution will focus on the underlying ethos of the Standard that even the smallest of contributions that improve our approach to the environment is of value. A key principle of the Standard is that organisations are Economically Viable; this means the make good choices around the use of their finances looking at an end-to-end management of materials from procurement to end of life waste management. This principle also encourages social auditing, payment of a living wage, prompt payment of bills, challenges new construction methods and much more.

In her talk Mary will point out that the responsibility for the current climate emergency is one that we are all responsible for. We cannot judge others and we must take personal responsibility for each decision we make in business and in our personal lives. Saying that some one else is at fault doesn’t stop litter flowing into the sea, it doesn’t stop loss of peat lands, or the devastation caused by the relentless use of the earth’s resources.

We all need to rethink how we live, take small steps to make big changes so that the earth doesn’t overheat. It is remarkable to think that humans are so destructive to their own world: we are suppose to have a higher intelligence than other creatures we share the planet with but we do damage on an industrial scale. Instead let’s take positive and proactive choices: start your journey today with the support of National Green Standard.