Everything has a value. The National Green Standard is an independently assessed Accreditation for organisations that wish to demonstrate that they are socially aware, economically viable and that they achieve their goals through sustainable practices. The start of the process to achieving the accreditation is the completion of this online self-diagnostic questionnaire to see how you measure up against the standard. Completion of the questionnaire will help us to create an Action Plan to support your continuous improvement journey towards Gold Level recognition. Please try to answer each question as accurately as possible.


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1. Name of organisation?

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9. What industry does your company belong to?

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10. Has your organisation achieved other awards, for example IIP, IS0 9000, ISO 14000? If so please state.

11. The pricing for the National Green Standard is determined by your organisation’s size. How many people work for your organisation? Please choose from the options below:

12. The pricing for the National Green Standard is determined by the sector in which you operate. Please choose from the options below.

13. How did you hear about the National Green Standard?

14. Declaration: I agree, on behalf of my organisation, to apply for a National Green Standard and declare that the information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge.


Being socially responsible is not just about having great policies in place. National Green Standard looks for evidence of actions taken to support all stakeholders. We look for evidence that there is good corporate governance – no matter what size your organisation is we still expect that leaders have put in place. How far do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Please tick the box of your choice, making only one choice for each statement.

15. The organisation has a clear Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy?

16. The CSR policy is fully implemented and reviewed regularly?

17. Directors, Board Members and Senior Managers are provided with development so that they can manage the business effectively?

18. There is a lot of co-operation between me and colleagues?

19. Everyone in the organisation is encouraged to learn and develop to work smarter?

20. The organisation ensures compliance with all legal and financial regulations?

21. The organisation is careful to maximise revenue streams?

22. The organisation makes business transactions as open and transparent as possible?

23. The organisation makes maximum use of local suppliers and activity supports local businesses?

24. The organisation takes care to ensure making contact is easy?

25. Materials used in the organisations are sourced ethically and where practical non virgin materials prioritised?

26. Every effort is made to reduce waste, reuse materials and bi products to maximise resource usage?

27. Business decisions are always balanced against ethics and not just profit driven?

28. The organisation has considered its impact on the local environment and its legacy, particularly if it has to divest from a location?

29. The organisation has supports local and global charities that are environmentally driven?

30. Employees are treated with respect, paid living wage and encouraged to reduce, recycle and reuse outside the organisation?

31. The organisation makes use of the Investors in People National Standard to develop people?

32. The organisation supports the UN Global Goals through its charitable activities?

33. The organisation works within the community to improve social justice?

34. The organisation supports local arts, sport and other cultural activities within the community?


Within the National Green Standard Award being economically viable means being able to secure financing, whether from public, commercial, or other sources to generate wealth for the good of society while having a positive impact on society and the environment. How far do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Please tick the box of your choice, making only one choice for each statement.

36. The corporate plan is implemented and reviewed regularly?

37. Use of material resources is managed effectively and unnecessary waste is avoided?

38. Directors, Board Members and Senior Managers ensure that new construction is undertaken economically?

39. Funding and profits are secured openly and legitimately and are properly documented?

40. Profits and funding cover operating costs and can be sustained?

41. The organisation integrates its activities into all levels of monetary sources open to it, locally, regionally, nationally and globally where possible?

42. The impact of the organisation on society is seen to be positive with social auditing becoming standard practice?

43. The organisation is sufficiently flexible to be able to adapt as far as possible to future changes in client needs, ownership, laws, regulations and/or economic fluctuations?

44. Robust, lifetime financial modelling is implemented from the outset of all new activities, which take into account unpriced external costs such as energy costs for example?


Within the National Green Standard Award (NGSA) being environmentally sound in your day to day operations is of vital importance. Organisations that achieve the award help to generate strong viable workforce that are supported by their organisation to care for their community and in doing so care for the global environment. It seeks to champion organisations that take seriously their impact on the environment, social justice and who strive to build sustainable growth, reflecting and supporting the UN Global Goals on: fairness, equality, sustainable development, social inclusion, regeneration, and quality of life. How far do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Please tick the box of your choice, making only one choice for each statement.

45. The organisation has a clear Environmental Policy?

46. The Environmental Policy is fully implemented and reviewed regularly?

47. Practices are implemented to ensure water is captured and reused from natural precipitation?

48. The organisation promotes and puts in place green technology such as green roof spaces and local greening activities where practical?

49. The organisation supports community projects to prevent flood or drought damage and to promote biodiversity?

50. The organisation takes steps to minimise its carbon footprint and promotes sustainable travel practices?

51. The organisation has policies and practices in place to adopt a circular business model, minimising waste and promote reuse and recycling of materials?

52. The organisation promotes and puts in place means to generate energy from wind and solar sources?

53. The organisation collates data to report and demonstrate its social impact?

54. New projects and activities are developed with environmental impact forming a central and significant element of the decision making process?

55. The organisation is able to demonstrate reductions in pollution and emissions over time?

56. The organisation takes steps to improve the aesthetics of the local area?

57. The organisation supports community based environmental projects?

58. The organisation supports its employees, suppliers and stakeholders to be environmentally friendly?