A new approach to Leadership and Strategic Management Development

Today’s leaders need many skills and they need to work and act flexibly if they are to succeed. That’s why traditional training programmes are no longer the best option for the emerging leader.

We offer a local payback to young people in your area when you choose to develop your skills with us. We use part of the fees you pay to provide a free Leadership and Strategic Management            Development course to will deliver this development activity.

Falkirk Foundation has a long history of training people in the skills needed on and off the pitch and working in partnership with top leadership trainers they are now pleased to offer a new Action Learning Leadership and Strategic Management Course.

Combining leadership training with physical activity ‘On the Pitch’ is an excellent way to develop skills and embed learning. Add into this mix an action learning approach and you have a powerful set of tools transferable throughout your career.

Mary McLuskey executive coach and management consultant said, “Action learning is a very positive and pragmatic way to apply classroom learning in the workplace; it is a sophisticated process to solve complex organisational problems. Reflection and learning form this approach allows you to make better decisions and become a true leader.”

David Stewart, community manager said, “bringing together the ‘On the Pitch’ training with leadership and strategic management development is a unique offering and one that is rarely available. The opportunity to learn within the walls of a football club does not happen often. Getting to develop skills and knowledge in the changing room or corridors of power adds an extra dimension to the learning process.”

The training programme comprises of a set of 5 core modules plus 1 elective module. In addition each module is matched to an ‘On the Pitch’ training activity and a one hour session of executive one-to-one coaching. The cost of the course includes a Falkirk Football kit so that each cohort has access to the full spectrum of learning.

“All we ask is that participants come ready to learn in a new way and bring their trainers for activity ‘On the Pitch’,” said Mary.

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Mary S. McLuskey is a management consultant with over 25 years’ experience. Mary has held positions of CEO and Managing Director and has a number of Non-Executive Director appointments.

Mary studied for an MBA at Glasgow Caledonian University where she was trained by Dr Rev Revan in Action Learning techniques.

Peter McIntyre’s leadership and management spans 39 years of military service from private soldier to Lieutenant Colonel.  Peter is hard working, committed, and gregarious with an easy demeanour and disposition.  His skills include excellent communication, leadership, change management, facilitation, coaching and learning and development.   His passion is teaching, lecturing, coaching and facilitating at all levels. World travelled erudite and diverse with a natural enthusiasm for imparting knowledge.

On the Pitch coaches provided by Falkirk Football Club