It’s a balancing act

Is your organisation taking steps to make sure it is environmentally friendly? What about making sure that all stakeholders are considered and cared for? Of course, not forgetting the long term: does your organisation plan ahead and think responsibly? Wouldn’t it be good if there was a way of letting others know that you care for your staff, the environment and are building a long term sustainable organisation? Even better, wouldn’t it be great if you could share with others a better way of working and living? Well if your organisation has woken up to world life balance and is trying to achieve sustainable growth while looking after your employees and stakeholders then you need to look at the National Green Standard accreditation.

National Green Standard is the only accreditation available that supports the triple bottom line approach to measuring success. The Standard encourages organisations to self-regulate their legal and statutory obligations while taking a step further to experience external scrutiny when the time is right for them. National Green Standard is designed to help organisations to look at whether they are socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally sound in the way they operate in the short, medium and long term by providing a mechanism to capture your good practices, get rewarded for your efforts and share your approaches with like-minded organisations who care about how we live, work and look after the planet. Our unique scoring system will help us determine if you have reached Bronze, Green or Gold Standard!

Gaining recognition couldn’t be simpler you can call to arrange a visit or take the no obligation on line questionnaire to get started on your National Green Standard journey.


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