Executive coaching is more than helping a senior person gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve development objectives and unlock potential while acting as a sounding board. Executive coaching is about the whole person,  dreams, fears and most deep seated frustrations. At National Green Standard we also believe that great executive coaching will have an impact on the individual and the team that they work with because through the process of coaching a senior executive becomes a better leader, is enabled to let go of tasks that should be delegated, becomes empowered to make quality decisions and gains clarity of purpose for themselves and their team.

Coaching is a fantastic tool to release potential and unblock an organisation from moving forward, we know because we’ve been coaching people for over fifteen years and our results are impressive. We have a long list of clients who have gained promotions and worked into positions that previously would have seemed unachievable. We help people see their own and others’ potential, we help break the cycle of doubt and self-questioning that no one is immune to.

Testimonials say it all and here are just a few:

Mary McLuskey is a unique coach. She has the ability to put you immediately at ease and makes discussing any issue, business or personal seem the most natural thing to do. Mary’s ability to probe issues is a neutral yet challenge way has helped me on numerous occasions to identify ways forward that I would not otherwise have found. Her style of coaching appears disarmingly simple yet she has a powerfully persuasive ability to get you to look at the heart of the matter and come to solutions that you might otherwise overlook or dismiss. Mary’s knowledge of human interaction and business matters places her uniquely among coaches. If you are looking for someone who can help facilitate change at either a personal or organisational level I would highly recommend Mary.  
Executive Pharmaceutical Sector

Over a number of years Mary has always been someone I can call on as a mentor and for a source of inspiration. Mary has been a great help in enabling me to chart my professional course. She demonstrates great strengths in leadership, inclusion and constancy of purpose.  
Senior Executive Public Sector

Mary carried out work for me assessing how my leadership was promoting delivery of our strategy and how this was owned by colleagues in the organisation… she worked with me to support delivery of structural change. I appreciated her open and direct approach and welcomed her insight. Senior Executive University Sector

I always draw on Mary’s wealth of knowledge and experience. Mary can always see the bigger picture and has a unique way of passing this onto whoever she speaks to. She is trustworthy, highly competent and her challenging way always gets results. 
Board Trustee

Mary is a trustworthy, reliable consultant with a broad knowledge of the business world and the complexities within it. She is highly competent and offers sound guidance and insight. 
Executive Private Sector

Contact us at mary@nationalgreenstandard.co.uk