Embed the National Green Standard into your organisational strategy

With so much focus and attention on climate emergency, global political uncertainty and the ambiguity surrounding Brexit, it can be a challenge to remember that many organisations are working hard to make small changes that collectively have a positive economic, social and environmental impact. As a result, many organisations are looking to the National Green Standard to demonstrate their credentials and let other know about the good things they are doing.

The introduction of the National Green Standard in 2016 signalled a new dawn in the battle to work, live and play in a mindful way. Organisations can enhance their business and management strategies by adopting the three Principles and accompanying criteria that comprise the National Green Standard. With a benchmarking score each organisation can easily see what areas to improve and share their best practices with others, should they choose to do so.

Available at three levels: Bronze, Green and Gold the National Green Standard is gaining traction among organisational committed to taking steps to tackle the climate emergency.  Independent assessment makes the process of gaining and maintaining the National Green Standard a robust way to demonstrate your commitment to a socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally sound business practices.

Complete the on-line questionnaire that will start your journey towards recognition against the National Green Standard and see how your organisations can benefit from working with us. There is no obligation and you will get feedback on how you score against the National Green Standard criteria.

Visit www.nationalgreenstandard.co.uk/steps-to-accreditation/

You’ll learn:
– What the National Green Standard looks for in organisations
– Pointers for what you might want to improve
– An initial score out of 1000 to understand how close to achieving Bronze, Green or Gold level accreditation your organisation is.

Join us on the adventure!