ADT achieves National Green Standard Accreditation

Applied Driving Techniques (ADT), the award-winning provider of fleet compliance and driver risk management, is the proud recipient of  National Green Standard Accreditation which reflects their commitment towards being socially aware, economically viable and achieving their goals through environmentally sustainable practices.

“This award is further good news for ADT as in 2016 we were also delighted to win both a 2016 ‘Commercial Fleet Award’ and a 2016 ‘Brake Award’ for our partnership with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)” said Dr Jim Golby, Director at ADT.  “So, this is our third award within the last four months and very much rewards our efforts of being socially responsible, economically viable and delivering environmentally sound business practices. Driving on company business is the most dangerous “at work” activity undertaken by employees and ensuring that a fully legally compliant approach to safety and well being is in place is a business critical legal requirement which employers must fulfil”.

National Green Standard Accreditation has been developed with a focus on processes, people, and the planet.  The award has a bias towards the Triple Bottom Line Principle which seeks to balance financial growth with corporate responsibility, short-term gains with long-term profitability, and shareholder return with other stakeholder interest.

Commenting on their achievement of the Standard, Steve Homer, Head of Business Development at National Green Stndard said: “As a market leader ADT continues to lead its sector by being the first to receive the National Green Standard Award.  They have actively worked towards the award for several months and have taken advantage of all the support available. This achievement reflects their efforts in continuing to deliver excellence in all aspects of their business whilst being socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally friendly.”

ADT’s expertise lies in helping businesses understand the specific risks facing employees who drive on company business and in the delivery of fully managed services that ensure employers are fully compliant with proactive targeted solutions in place to help reduce accidents, protect staff and save money.

A driver specific Duty of Care Risk Assessment Process forms a key element of ADT’s award winning process and the careful analysis of the results from individual drivers facilitates the targeting of any risk mitigation intervention and training for “higher risk” employees.  The organisation will also ensure employees are legally entitled to drive, using safe vehicles that have a valid MOT, and which are fully taxed and insured for business use.

For ADT, the benefits of achieving the NSGA extend beyond saving money and improving efficiency to helping to protect vehicles from excessive wear and tear which can lead to increased costs and exposure to risk. Their journey towards achieving the National Green Standard Accreditation is an excellent example of how one business can help others to achieve business benefits whilst caring for the environment. Their commitment to improving compliance and employee safety is not their only driving influence.

ADT support organisations to lower their overheads and implement robust risk checks that inevitably ensure they survive longer in a competitive market place. A company with a reduced turnover of vehicles, fewer accidents, and safer drivers at the wheel will naturally be more sustainable. A natural bi-product of an organisation’s commitment to improving the behaviour and safety of its employees driving capabilities is less stress, and wear and tear on company vehicles, lowering replacement rates that naturally contribute to a lower carbon footprint. Successful companies are the ones who recognise areas where they are weakest and are prepared to bring in experts to improve knowledge gaps to build robust processes. ADT’s commitment to improving compliance naturally compliments the National Green Standard focus on making companies sustainable, looking after their people and caring for the environment.

“A key aim of ADT is to help companies avoid unknowingly ‘turning a blind eye’ to their legal obligations relating to their employees driving on company business, irrespective of whether these business journeys are undertaken in a company vehicle or the often over looked group of employees who use their own vehicle – the so called ‘grey fleet’ users” added Dr Golby.  “Many employers still remain unaware that they have exactly the same duty of care and health and safety obligations to their ‘grey fleet’ drivers in terms of reducing risk at work, ensuring their validity to be driving, having business use insurance in place, and the safety of their vehicle.

ADT help their clients develop sustainable best practice policies and green initiatives to address these issues and to ensure that the client is working sustainably so that the contribution to the bottom-line is a positive one.

“The issue of sustainability and putting forward green initiatives is not going away. Every day more people become better informed on how to minimise their impact on the environment. ADT has the unique opportunity of linking customer ethical concerns with businesses economic concerns that will continue to promote it as a market leader.”

Steve Homer, said: “By demonstrating to both peers and potential clients that ADT itself behaves ethically and sustainably they are leading the way within a circular economy and a Natonal Green Standard is supporting their journey.  This award will enable ADT to build further on their success, internally through the feedback received and externally as a marketing tool to help win and sustain business.

“Whether a small, medium or large organisation, the circular economy does affects a business and they can all benefit from it Everything has a value and by working smarter and more sustainably, a business can benefit from being socially responsible, economically viable and delivering environmentally sound business practices. We’re here to help on this journey.”